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Available Crew Members

See below for new bears!

Debora is back in the studio working on new Crew members and preparing for future shows.


Be on the lookout for new faces to love, and sign up below to hear about available bears!

Mohair teddy bear feet with stuffing and tools, New Avenue Crew
Mohair and alpaca teddy bears with sewing machine, New Avenue Crew

Come see new bears!

They'll be available for adoption June 28–30 at TBAI's Doll & Teddy Bear Artist ONLINE Show. Visit the Events page for details.

Sitka, black, tan, and white mohair teddy bear, New Avenue Crew
Sitka, a black bear

Mohair, 11 inches tall


Beaumont, golden tan mohair teddy bear, German bell collar, New Avenue Crew

Mohair, 16 1/4 inches tall


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