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About Debora & New Avenue Crew

Bear-making studio, mohair bear, Debora Hoffmann, New Avenue Crew
Debora Hoffmann and Sebring, mohair bear, New Avenue Crew
Gold and red mohair teddy bears, New Avenue Crew
Debora Hoffmann sewing a seam on a denim teddy bear, New Avenue Crew
White mohair teddy bear peeking out of teacup, New Avenue Crew
Debora Hoffmann photographing Cyrano, a mohair teddy bear, New Avenue Crew
Each Crew member comes bearing love from my childhood home on New Avenue.

New Avenue Crew is a collection of artist bearworks created by me, Debora Hoffmann. As I was growing up on a street called New Avenue, I spent many happy hours drawing and creating with my hands, and I had many companion teddy bears and stuffed animals. At the age of 13, I designed, sewed, stuffed, and finished two small teddy bears. I wish I still had them today!

My fondness for art led me to earn a fine art degree in college, and I also had a growing interest in teddy bears, beginning with antiques and then artist-made bears. This led me to make a few bears from synthetic fur and patterns from a book when I was in my early twenties. But it didn't satisfy my desire to make bears with a touch of the traditional German teddy bears I loved, such as early Steiff and Bing bears.

In 1996, I discovered that I enjoyed working with mohair fur fabric. Soon after, I designed my own teddy bear pattern and made the first Crew member, and New Avenue Crew was born. I have been making bears in my spare moments ever since.




I enjoy working with the fur and fluff as much as time allows. I love the feel and finish of mohair and alpaca, so I create my Crew members from the finest materials: mohair, alpaca, glass eyes, antique shoe buttons, wool felt, and Ultrasuede. My favorite part of making my bears is watching a bear's personality emerge as I work on its face. And I receive such joy when someone adopts one of my bears. Thank you and bear hugs to all of you who love and adopt my creations.

Debora Hoffmann with mohair and alpaca fabrics, New Avenue Crew
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